Cricket Grounds


Lahore Country Club and Resorts has the most beautifully matured pitches suitable for first class trophy and international friendly matches.

Our grounds are prepared and landscaped to international standards and are frequently used by PCB and other international clubs.
Grounds rates are as follows:
Ground A 15,000.00
Ground B 12,000.00
Umpires and scorers available from Rs. 2,500.00 each
The price include preparation for hard ball match, white or black screens, score boards, ground seating setup for up to 30 persons with covered chairs and tables.
Tentage and ground assistance
Tea with cakes & cookies is available from Rs. 195.00 per head.
Lunches available at the rates subject to the desired menu, pls enquire by phone or email the rates depends on number of persons and number of dishes. Rates available as per menu.