Chairman Message

Everyone has a dream; an ambition and I am no exception but my ambition was rather different than many and that was to create one of the most beautiful and environment friendly platform for nature and sports loving people in Pakistan.

It all started at young age when I was just had gone into business at the age of 21 in 1981 that I would like to create a club for the corporate industry of Pakistan.

As Roam was not built in day, similarly it took me years from 1995 from buying the land to development stage and finally opening to corporate in 2001.

I am very proud to say that today we are well known not just in the corporate world, our contribution to Pakistan sports also have been something to recon with, in particular cricket, We have helped Pakistan Cricket Board by providing some tops class players for Pakistan boys and girls national teams.

So in short dream big and then start the execution at the right age, not when you are about retire.

Ch. Ali Shujaat